The Sockeye Salmon (F) is a female sockeye salmon. The reason it is named different from the male sockeye salmon is because of their coloration and their shape. Male sockeye salmon have a very noticable arch on their dorsal side, while females don't. This fish can be found in Kanan lake and Tidur River. This fish can grow to about 2-3 feet in real life. 

Sockeye Salmon (F)
FemaleSockeye NB

Scientific Name

Oncorhynchus nerka


Tidur RiverKanan Lake

Real Life Location

North Pacific and Arctic coasts

Tackle Size


Largest Size

Base Fish Points


Baits / LuresEdit

  • Quick Hitter: Regular
  • Rainbow: Regular
  • Red Tiger (Spoon Lure)

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