Spanish Mackerel
Sm gfx

Biggest Size:

3.11 ft

Tackle Size:


Base Fish Points:


Scientific Name:

Scomberomorus regalis

The Spanish Mackerel is a fish catchable around the boundary of Temperate Ocean and Frigid Ocean. It is an uncommon fish that is hard to catch a and reel in. In real life, this fish can grow to about 3 feet, and 10-15 pounds. This fish is part of the Scombridae family, or mackerel, tuna, and bonito family. Mackerel are streamlined fish that need to go very fast in order to catch prey. 

Locations Edit

  • Frigid Ocean
  • Sembilan Island Area


  • Quick Hitter (L)
  • Rainbow Bait (L)


It is an uncommon fish in the frigid ocean. To fish it, look around near Semblian Island with L and Rainbow. You should be able to catch one by luck.
Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel

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