Scientific Name

Oncorhynchus mykiss


Kanan Lake

Real Life Location

Asian and North American tributaries

Tackle Size


Base Fish Points


Largest Size

2.96 feet (S)

The steelhead is a fish in the Kanan Lake area. It is shaped like a long bullet and is often confused for a salmon. In real life they also known as the anadromous (oceangoing) form of Rainbow Trout. They are similar to the much more common Brook Trout, which may lead to false snags. However, at the Lodge Lakeside location, they are less easily confused, and way more common. A lucky angler can catch up to ten of these a day. The steelhead actually looks a little more like a rainbow trout, but its shape in the game is accurate. In pictures of the steelhead. you can see black dots and a faint pink line.

Steelheads are the same species as the Rainbow Trout, sharing a scientific name. Some steelheads return after their ocean run to spawn. In the United States and Australia, steelheads trouts are also called ocean run rainbow trouts, but they are the same.


  • Kanan Lake: Above the B in Big Kanan
  • At the very top of the map directly north of the final E in Lodge Lakeside (Much
    more common)

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Rainbow Regular
  • Quick Hitter Regular

                                                                                 huge steelhead


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