Striped Marlin
Striped Marlin AD

Scientific Name

Tetrapturus audax


Tropical Ocean

Real Life Location

Indian Ocean around Maldives and Cook Strait at New Zealand

Tackle Size


Largest Size

12.18 ft

Base Fish Points


The Striped Marlin can be found in the Tropical Ocean, and it is only catchable via trolling. It has very distinctive bright vertical stripes along its body. It can also be easily distinguished by its short and somewhat round body and a long beak. This fish is a smaller marlin, sizes reaching 13 feet in real life. This fish is near threatened in real life because it is a popular fish for tropical fishermen. There are several different scientific names for this fish, including Kajikia audax


For catch this fish, try trolling at the West route, near Teman Paradise Beach. You may catch some Mahi mahis and Barracudas before this comes out. Like any marlins and the Swordfish do, this one will fight hard and often leaping around. Try to reel it as fast as possible: this fish may pulls all of the line out and then breaks it, especially the S-ranked ones.

Trolling LuresEdit

Lure #4, Lure #5 , Orange

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