Tp gfx

Scientific Name

Megalops atlanticus.


Sepuluh Island

Real-Life Location

Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean coasts and rivers

Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


The tarpon in this game lives south of Sepuluh Island. It can grow about 6-8 feet and is reported to be over 800 lbs in real life. It is a very popular inshore/outshore fish to catch in tropical/Gulf of Mexico, and US-Mexico  boarders.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Quick hitter: Large
  • Rainbow: Large


They are caught on the back side of the island about 70-80 feet away and occasionally on the front. They can also be caught on the cruiser by driving to the away. They are not the most common fish around, but they are easy to distinguish from the Japanese Bullhead Sharks that also live there. Don't expect to catch it easily, as the Sharks like to steal the Tarpon's bait.

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