100 1056

Scientific Name

Hydrocynus vittatus


Malam Jungle

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Largest Size

5.07 (S)

Base Fish Points


The Tigerfish is a large fish from Malam Jungle. It's significantly thinner than the Nile Perch that also live there.


This fish is not easy, but not hard to catch. This fish requires a Motorboat, large bait, and large rod/reel.Go to the part of Twin rock stream that empties into the Malam Mountain .This fish will often look at your bait in the water, but then swim away, so quick hitter (Large) or rainbow (Large) is required. This fish will also sometimes jerk the line, but then let go and never come back, so you need to be really fast in that instance. 


  • Quick Hitter or Rainbow
  • Wide Range (Large)

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