• AindraD

    When the game tells you your caught fish's location, it may be little off.

    It only remembers where you were when you caught a fish, not the spot where fish bites your bait/lure! I always thought they did in this way, but I'm wrong.

    It can get problematic if you're fishing in the place where two or more areas meet. If you park in Lilypad Pier and you cast far into Red Windmill, the game will think you caught a fish in Lilypad Pier, not Red Windmill. When you're catching particularly rare fish, be sure you have correct location for that fish.

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  • AindraD

    Incomplete Infobox

    August 28, 2012 by AindraD

    Can we add "Incomplete Infobox" to the fish pages, like that feature "this page lacks image."? So we all can easily find them and update them? I don't know how to make that though.

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  • AindraD

    Fish Photos

    August 26, 2012 by AindraD

    Hello. I intend to make the fish profiles for all pages (though I'll have to catch them first.) with clear backgrounds so it looks little professional. I'll be aiming for the pages that lack pictures first.

    However I'd like to get your opinions about the galleries.

    View Oilfish.

    There are two photos: profile and caught fish. I figure the profile fishes (viewed in fishing book) can be used in infobox, for everything else it's used in the galleries or something similiar. The caught fish, reeling fish in, showing you where the fish can be found, etc, can be placed in the galleries?

    EDIT: The galleries can be used to show the fish more clearly. For an example, the hammerhead shark, you can't see its "T" shape head from the profile, and also you ca…

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