• Lhern12


    I've unlocked 7/8 of the maps. The final one I need is Malam but I don't see a guy near the check-in hut stairs in the Panas Jungle. I've caught well over 100 fish in Panas, my rank is level 1 expert, and I've completed 29/33 of the quests (the ones remaining are the 3 at Malam and the "Visit 8 locations" one). I have no idea what to do and am getting frustrated. I've spent over 14 in-game days in Panas and nothing ever happens. What do I do?! It seems that no one really knows what triggers the ability to buy the license for 30,000 points. My concern is that I've seen posts saying that the guy who sells the license will respond that they haven't caught enough fish yet. But I don't see a guy at all! Please help!

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