Scientific Name

Sander Vitreus


Kanan Lake

Real Life Location

Canada and Northern United States

Tackle Size


Largest Size

3.39 ft

Base Points


The walleye is a common large-sized fish found in Kanan Lake. . The Walleye are one of the smallest Large fish in the game, with an E rank size of only 3 feet. Since this fish's maximum amount of points (2x target points + 3x S rank) would only be 1530 points, other fish, like the Muskie would be more favored with a maximum amount of points to be 3780 points, over double what the walleye's would be, or the Burbot which could have 7290 points, over quadruple what the walleye's would be. This fish is a perch, related to the Yellow Perch


This fish can be caught in the foliage gate and the Kanan Railway, and will be caught with most Large baits. Some good lures to catch the walleye with are the goblin toy series, and the yellow hamstring. 


  • Kanan Lake, Foliage Gate
  • Get to Foliage Gate turn 180 and cast 65ft or less.



This fish is not hard to catch. All you need to do is to face the railway bridge from Foliage Gate and cast with any bait. Rainbow Bait is prefered, but if you can't afford, Quick Hitter is fine. You will catch one of three fish: this, Burbot, or the Muskie

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