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Welcome to the Fishing Resort Wiki!

Wii Fishing Resort is a RPG-Style game by Prope. The main point of the game is to catch fish, and pretty much do what ever you want in the process. The game contains exactly 216 species of fish. The point of this wiki is to help players catch these fish, learn about these fish, and succeed in the main goal: catch all the fish! It has fish from all around the globe, and some extinct ones as well. It helps these players to differentiate between the fish in the game and the fish in real life. If you are stuck in your game, just come to the website, talk to real people about how to catch the fish or do what you are trying to do, or see how you catch a fish. All hands needed! Help us make this wiki better!

Important Notice: On May 20 2014 the WiiConnect24 service will no longer be operational. This will affect the ability to rank online and new players will no longer be able to unlock exclusive fish. It's recommended to run the game online while you still can.

Hi all, I made a fishing resort guide. It's 50 pages but they are separated into sections. Hope you find it helpful AleNinKel (talk) 15:10, September 7, 2013 (UTC)File:Fishing Resort Guide.pdf or through the page for the guide.

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Monthly Poll

What fish do you think is the best for making money?

The poll was created at 20:54 on May 16, 2014, and so far 284 people voted.

Fish of The Month


The PirarucuArapaima, or Paiche is the largest fish in Panas Jungle. It is unlocked in the "King Of The Jungle" quest and it must be fished in order to unlock the Platinum Alligator Gar and Dorado. The Pirarucu can be confused with the Alligator Gar, which swims in the same area...Keep Reading

Wiki Activity News

  • discussion page Trolling lure colors?
    created by Zolik04 2 days ago


    My television is old, and it doesn't show colors at certain wii games. Can somebody give me the correct order of the trolling lure col... 



    Never mind, I changed video to pal and everything is fine now. 

  • discussion page Talk:Polypterus
    new comment by A Fandom user 5 days ago
    Comment: Same person. I used the rod & reel that are used with Nile's. A  large or medium reel will work. Try fishing in a area were there arn't a billion
  • discussion page Talk:Polypterus
    new comment by A Fandom user 5 days ago
    Comment: I caught one while fishing for Nile Perch. Lures will work. Red hamstring (Sorry if I spelled wrong,) works well.
  • discussion page Talk:Platinum Guppy
    new comment by A Fandom user 5 days ago
    Comment: I caught one that was 0.21........ and there easy to catch! I used small Quick Hitter and caught one after a few guppys. I have about 20.
  • new page Lure Fishing School
    created by C MasterCrafter 6 days ago
    New page: The Lure Fishing School is found at the Dua Ribu Eyelet and can be singed up for at the Dua Ribu Lake bulletin board which costs nothing i think but...
  • edit Dua Ribu Eyelet
    edited by C MasterCrafter 6 days ago diff
  • new page Dua Ribu Eyelet
    created by C MasterCrafter 6 days ago
    New page: Dua Ribu Eyelet is a small island in the nothern part of lake Dua Ribu that contains the lure fishing class and the proFISHency level one test also...
  • discussion page Talk:Smallscale Blackfish
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: How can I catch it?
  • discussion page Sub tour
    created by Zolik04


    How do you leave the Submarine tour after you start it? I left it going for about 15 minutes and had to reset.  



    You press one to open the menu. there it states a continue and leave/quit/I don't remember button. 

  • edit Dua Ribu Lake
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Edited the section: Quests

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