• 8/13 AleNinKel (admin) : I'm back! Rules and consequences have been slightly updated. I will try my best to enforce them. If you see someone breaking the rules, please send a message to me so I can investigate.


  • Please do not add random category pages.
  • Please refrain from renaming pages without contacting an admin, rollback, or beaurucrat (they can be found here Special:ListSyops (admins), Special:ListUsers (everyone else)). An exception to this is if the page in question has a completely incorrect or inappropriate name.
  • Please refrain from adding one-article categories, or adding articles in categories that they don't belong in.
  • NEVER, EVER, EVER troll, make inappropriate/illegal references, flame other users, or engage in uncivil discussion. *
  • Please do not advertise any product outside of the Wii Fishing Resort universe. *
  • Please do not write edits in giant ALL CAPITALS (you can still comment in ALL CAPS).
  • Please do not delete anything that is logical, if you have a different opinion, add it or comment.
  • Please refrain from adding personal emotions and unrelated opinions (i.e. "i hate this fish" in an article)
  • Do not insert unproven claims. *
  • Do not violate copyright claims. *
  • Please give credit to users that have created a file (pictures don't count towards this) that you're using.
  • NEVER insert gibberish. *
  • No spam/vandalism is permitted. *
  • Never abuse your rank's abilities/powers.
  • NEVER edit another user's user page. *

Actions marked with an asterisk (*) could lead to an immediate permanent ban without warning, if admins judge the action in question to be worthy of such consequences.

Possible consequences:

You will be issued a warning ban (for most offenses) two times if you break the rules before a permanent ban. A warning ban lasts from 2 to 48 hours depending on the severity of the offense. A permanent ban is obviously permanent. Some permbans can be appealed while others cannot. You will be informed whether your ban can be appealed or not at the time of the ban, and the amount of time you must serve before appeal.


Promotion occurs when a member of the wiki has been making great edits and conversing with other members of the wiki. YOU DON'T GET A PROMOTION BY ASKING FOR IT!!!! You will be notified when you are promoted to a new rank on the wiki. As promotion occurs, you will have new responsibilities along with it. Do not ever abuse your powers. Abusing your rank leads to probation, where your powers are stripped for 28 days. A second infraction will lead to an immediate, unappealable permanent ban. Please read these rules once again after promotion and think before you act.

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