Xiphactinus AD

Scientific Name

Xiphactinus audax


Tropical Ocean.( best near spool island trolling

Real Life Location

Western Interior Sea (middle of North America)

Tackle Size


Largest Size

21.90 ft

Base Fish Points


The Xiphactinus is the monster fish of the tropical ocean and is catchable via trolling. It is actually an extinct fish, from the Late Cretaceous era. They are actually not too rare, and can be caught on the Teman Paradise Beach trolling tour found on the bulletin board. They are somewhat common and easy despite their size of 22 feet! They will appear in your third temeperate aquarium.


Baits & Lures Edit

Trolling tour : Purple lure or white lure, purple in middle and outsides, white on each sides in the middle



Xiphactinus leaping out of the water.

IMG 2075

caught by user MegaReto14

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