Yellowfin Tuna

Scientific Name

Thunnus albacares


Tropical Ocean

Real Life Location

Tropical and Subtropical Oceans

Tackle Size


Largest Size


Base Fish Points


The Yellowfin Tuna is a trolling fish of the Tropical Ocean. It is a common food fish in the real world. It is significantly smaller and rarer than the Pacific Bluefin Tuna. It seems to fight harder than the Bluefin, however. Their fighting tactics resemble those of the Oilfish, by swimming towards you in hopes of slacking the line, causing confusion, and sometimes people will just let it go, not knowing it is hooked. This fish is one of the less valuable fish while trolling, however rare it may seem. In real life, this fish can grow a little bigger than in the game, and is a popular sport fish in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. 


Baits & Lures

  • Trolling Lure: White and Pink

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